Press Whores Have Gotten Scarily Out Of Control!

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Check out my new column, in which I go crazy attacking the explosion of press whores seeking validation via mentions, links, TV exposure, and "likes" on Facebook.

Oh, this phenomenon is nothing new, mind you.

It's just that with more media -- and insecurity -- than ever, the whoring has gotten bigger than my stack of clippings from the '80s, which I still keep next to my various awards from gay magazines and my high school bowling trophy.

Everyone on earth is desperate for some kind of media glorification, and I'll tell you the reasons for it -- and the reason it must be stopped!

Hopefully this is the column that will finally make me famous!

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Lost Weekend
Lost Weekend

Well, the title for Best Media Whore (or Just Plain Whore) goes to Sarah Pa(l)in.  Runner-up (in case she cannot fulfill the duties of Best Media Whore) is Donald Trump.


The part about the club goddess laying in her own vomit and pointing to her press is the most priceless thing I've heard in years!


Fabulous column. Witty and spot-on.