Randy Jackson Gives Me American Idol Insight

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Randy Jackson by Andrew Werner.jpg
Photo: Andrew Werner

"The legend!" said Randy Jackson as he approached me at the Lacoste penthouse party for his record label last night.

That's now the official way all celebrities must greet me or they don't get a mention.

(By the way, he was bowing and scraping, too. A nice extra touch.)

Anyway, I asked Randy if he has survivor's guilt being the last of the original judges still on Idol.

"It's wild," he said. "We had an amazing year. We brought the show back. A lot of people had doubts.

"I love Jennifer Lopez and Marc. I've known her for a long time. I love Steven Tyler."

That's a whole lotta love.

But isn't his approach on the show encouraging yet realistic?

"I like to inspire and nurture," said Randy, "with a stern hand -- but not chokable! 'Don't kill me!'"

Except for William Hung, perhaps.

Anyway, Randy was celebrating his Dream Merchant 21 label, with artists like the girl group Brunette (pictured below), who are rather fetching-looking.

"Are they the new Pussycat Dolls?" I wondered.

"It's more like Expose," he replied.

I love Expose! They're legends.

Brunette by Andrew Werner.jpg
Photo by Andrew Werner

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Hard to watch Jennifer Lopez on anything ..always with the posing and you get the feeling Marc Anthony. has the last word in every move she makes.


Jennifer Hudson was on Graham Norton a few weeks ago. Someone was asking about the people who can't sing who act shocked in the city auditions when the judges tell them they suck. Jennifer said that by the time you're in that audition in front of the judges, you've already been through several auditions and when you were passed to the next level, you were told how great you are. So for example, they told William Hung what a great singer he was to set up the encounter with Simon/Paula/Randy and get the whole 'crazy delusional William Hung' effect. Assholes. But maybe I'm the last person in the USA to know about this. (My American Idol insight.)


My friend was at that party last night and said the singers were amazing


It IS amazing that they brought the show back. I thought it was toast.


"With a stern hand but not chokable"--my new motto.