Charlie Sheen Not Submitted For an Emmy. Here's Why

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In light of the rather icky publicity the show has gotten in the past year, along with the ill will accorded its unruly departed star Charlie Sheen, the bigwigs over at Two and a Half Men will submit the show in a lot of Emmy categories, but not the biggies.

In other words, there is no submission for Sheen himself and none for the show as Best Comedy.

This article describes the situation, and quotes my remarks to The Hollywood Reporter in which I said it's not surprising that Chuck Lorre isn't pushing such a mess on the voters.

But I generously add that a Sheen appearance on the Emmys would boost ratings and up the interest level all around.

They should beg him to present something -- maybe Most Destructive Special Effects Behind the Scenes at a Sitcom.

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The show has taken a battering from all the people/critics who suddenly after 7 years climbed on board the Two and a Half Men Sucks train, so it makes sense that Chuck Lorre/CBS wouldn't want to submit it in the Best Comedy category. And submitting Charlie Sheen would be awkward.


You'd think it would be in the best interest of the show to submit themselves for as many awards as possible, no matter what the hard feelings are. I'll never understand show biz.


PS: Charlie is still eligible to submit himself as a nominee, and maybe that's what'll happen. it would be amazing if he got nominated and actually won. His speech!