The Little Britain Guys' New Show Has Taken Off

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Matt Lucas and David Walliams delighted us with the British TV hit Little Britain, a sketch revue show in which they played delusional characters like Bubbles, Vicki Pollard, and Anne, who manipulated people with their wiles, quirks, and bullshit.

Well, Lucas and Walliams just came back in Come Fly With Me, a six-week show (that's been airing on BBC America) in which they play a variety of characters in an airport, all manipulating people with their wiles, quirks, and bullshit.

This time, the budget must be higher because almost every character looks like the result of 12 hours of elaborate prosthetics (though that doesn't necessarily make them funnier).

There are also a couple of boring characters and at least one offensive one -- Precious, the lazy Caribbean woman who works the coffee kiosk but is always cooking up reasons to go home early.

And yet, when the characters are good, the show takes off.

I love the airline president describing how you have to swipe a credit card before you can get a flotation device in a crash. (And you have to swim back into the aircraft every 20 minutes and swipe again!)

Also, the old lady pretending to be flying for the first time, so she can get all kinds of special amenities.

And the two shy yet bodacious Japanese girls who are there to stalk the arrival of B-star Martin Clunes, who wisely diverts his plane somewhere else.

All in all, a mixed bag, but worth the boarding pass.

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I found Come Fly With Me a big disappointment. The characters were almost all Matt Lucas and David Walliams, and were almost all one-trick ponies.  The only character I found worth tuning in to was the immigrations officer. His sketches seemed more developed. But I kept an open mind the whole series.  I just wish they had created sketches that were worthy of their talent. But , everyone deserves a B- series , to gain rest and hopefully gear up for better creative writing in the future. I am a big fan of the two, but this series fell short. A few glimmers, but very much nothing exceptional . In My Opinion.


Thanks for letting me know. They are so funny. Love them.


Agreed that Come Fly With Me isn't as good as Little Britain, but what could be??? (except maybe AbFab.)


I love those two guys!!!