Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark! I Was There!

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Above is the image that promoted the original Don't Be Afraid of the Dark -- the 1973 TV movie Guillermo del Toro was inspired to remake, as a writer/producer, with Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce.

I included it strictly for shock value because you didn't expect it. (Boo!)

Well, last night, at the new film's premiere, del Toro said he was scared by the TV movie "when I was a fat little boy. Now that I'm a fat little man, I was able to make it a reality."

After the screening, there was a Q&A, and as del Toro parked his butt on a small canvas chair, he laughed, "This is the scariest part of the film -- me sitting in this chair. The master of suspense!"

But he made it and finally dropped the fat jokes, explaining that he changed the original, which was about an abused grown woman who's tortured by demons, to make it about a smart little girl (played by Bailee Madison) whom no one listens to.

"Children are born perfect," he said, "and it's the duty of every institution to fuck 'em up."

At this point, director Troy Nixey jokingly put his hands over little Bailee's ears.

Holmes was there, too, very earnest about her involvement in some on-screen horror.

She's not talking about Tom in a lot of interviews, by the way, maybe trying to position herself more as an actress than a tabloid personality.

But hopefully she'll one day write a memoir about him called Don't Be Afraid of the Dork, rim shot, try the ribs platter, I'm here every Tuesday.

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With Hollywood either force feeding audiences with bad 3D films or sub-par remakes, I'll see this film because I loved the TV movie. The 1973 tv movie was one of the scariest movies ever on tv. I hope the new movie does justice to the orginal.


Why does the name "Katie" irritate the hell out of me?


I noticed that on Leno, Katie avoided all talk of Tom & Suri. Isn't it a little late to try to come off seriously after milking it all these years??? Or maybe her contract's running out.


I loved the original TV movie!! This couldn't possibly come close.