Money Saving Tips For The New Economic Crash

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Everyone ran articles like this three years ago, but it's time to dredge them up again with some extra urgency up your ass.

Here's exactly what to do:

*Shop at 99-cent stores. Duh

*Don't buy any new clothes.

Your 10-year-old items are due for a comeback, especially with some really cool applique-ing and bedazzling to make them fashion-fresh.

*If friends are coming into town, tell them you're going to be away.

Otherwise, you're going to do have to do a whole lot of hosting and treating.

*Nibble at those free crumbled muffins some grocery chains put out as samplers.

It's incredibly depressing, but act like you're doing it as a gourmand, not a desperate loser.

*Convert your 401(k) and all other savings to something with a fixed rate.

The rate will be just a tad above the amount you get by keeping it as cash under your pillow, but at least it won't keep swerving downward like a crashing aircraft.

*If you have an air conditioner, throw it out and deal.

*Don't listen to Suze Orman, just to me.

She only seems to know what you should have done after the fact. My tips are relevant all the time.

Trusto the Musto!

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 These all tips are really very helpful for us during economic crash. So thanks for this steps and sharing these all ideas saving our money.

Savannah Montgomery
Savannah Montgomery

"If you have an air conditioner, throw it out and deal."

I did that years ago...A/C is like [insert whatever drug] once you start it, there's no going back till the season change...the "dog days" are about 6 wks did it as a kid, not knowing.


These tips are not only hilarious they are very useful. Gracias. You have helped me deal with the recession.


I will trusto the Musto rather than head the Orman. You are king!!