Roseanne: God Is Telling Me To Run For President

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Check out my new column, an incredibly zingy and provocative conversation with TV legend Roseanne Barr about her race for the presidency as a Green Tea Party candidate who wants to throw out the bums and replace them with grandmothers and other solution seekers.

Roseanne started following me on Twitter, so I immediately followed her back and messaged that I wanted to interview her -- about her presidential bid as well as about her new show, Roseanne's Nuts, and her beau, Johnny Argent (above), who's musical and funny and helps keep her grounded.

A matter of hours later, Roseanne was on the phone, and I was thrilled, but hardly surprised.

She's a woman of action and not a phony like all the other people populating your tube!

Anyway, check out the conversation because it's really stimulating -- especially when I sardonically compare Roseanne to Barbara Walters.

Her reaction -- like her whole campaign -- is priceless.

She's a va-genius!

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