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That's what I got thanks to Tom & Lorenzo's succulent interview with me in the gay monthly's new food issue.

(Well, I serve dish, remember? Besides, utensils are in my book's title.)

Thanks, Tom, Lorenzo, and Metrosource editor-in-chief Paul Hagen.

By the way, here's what I told Tom & Lorenzo about Calvin Klein.

They asked me about my fiery tirades when Calvin threw a 21st birthday party for his ex-porn beau.

I replied:

"My feeling was that Calvin is nuts to think that this is some kind of real-love situation that you can celebrate.

"I have nothing against it; every relationship is a situation where each party is getting something out of the other party, but let's not confuse it with Romeo and Juliet any more than if I would have a party for a man that ****s me in a video store.

"Well, I would have a party, but I wouldn't invite Anna Wintour!"

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Kimberly Davis
Kimberly Davis

LOL...What a kick I got out of those snaps! I do believe I was laughing at myself as well. When I was 40 I was IN LOVE with a hot Irish 23 year old and Calvin has always been my favorite US designer....I must admit it damaged my professional credibility....BUT I couldn't help myself...and neither can CK I guess...sick funny


Charles Nelson Reilly was GAY?!!!!  (Great interview)


OK, your remark about the Calvin Klein thing really made my day, and my day has only just begun.


And the press keeps coming...