As "Occupy Wall Street" Continues, I Have Other Protest Ideas

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Bravo to the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters who've been camped out in Lower Manhattan, screaming about how Financial District greed destroyed the economy.

While we're at it, let's also rail against ...

*Restaurants that won't even bring you a glass of tap water unless you ask for it. Water is free, bitches!

*Cashiers that purposely give you back the wrong change and barely flinch when they get caught. Thief!

*Stores that advertise "Everything for $10" -- except the one particular item you happen to have brought to the register.

*Stores that flaunt "Going Out of Business" signs for years and years, while charging the same exact prices.

*Banks that try to get you to invest in stuff they know will lose you a fortune, all while promising some evanescent "4 percent" return rate.

*Co-op boards that vote maintenance increases even they can't afford.

*A government that in three years of crisis has not been able to create one job!

Ugh! Occupy America!!!

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*A government that in three years of crisis, has not been able to create one job!

Actually, the stimulus created around 2 million jobs and averted another Great Depression. The problem was that it wasn't a big enough stimulus package.

Child, I know it's the "thing to do" now to bash Obama, but please do the slightest bit of research - otherwise you may as well become a Fox "News" mouthpiece.


restaurants won't bring you bread either. death to capitalism.


I'm with you on all these!!!