New Orleans Greets Me In Style

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Battle of New Orleans

In honor of my trip to New Orleans to promote my book amid the "Southern Decadence" weekend, Gambit weekly assigned Lauren LaBorde to interview me about my woozy yet stimulating experiences on Bourbon Street as well as on various red carpets around the globe.

The result might remind you a little of a film set in New Orleans.

You know, Interview With the Vampire.

Anyway, it's a spicy muffuletta sandwich of an interview. Enjoy.

Oh, but the sad thing is I didn't go because a state of emergency was declared in Louisiana due to the weather!

I drowned my sorrow with cranberry juice on Fire Island.

And you can thank me for avoiding any of the expected "It's Raining Men" references.

P.S.: The photo in the linked article is by La Daily Musto's own Tony Adams.

(I asked them to give credit, but hey, I'm giving it now.)

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Southern Dave
Southern Dave

Southern Decadence was soggy and groggy.

The morning newspaper said attendance was down, but revelers still paraded, "with an umbrella in one hand and a drink in the other."

And we got 12 inches -- of rain, that is.


It really was a big mess down there, but at least the drainpipes seemed to mostly work.


"Benign bitchiness" it!  Too bad your trip got canceled...but hopefully there will be other occasions to visit/be "The Big Easy"!