Gay City News Gives Me A Huge Thumbs Up

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The new issue of Gay City News has Dean Wrzeszcz's thoughtful and appreciative review of my new book.

(Have I told you I have a new book? No? Gosh, what a lapse. Well, yeah, I have one, lol.)

He refers to my "wide ranging dexterity" and says, "There's something for everyone in Musto's compilation."

"What lies behind what sometimes seems like stream-of-consciousness raving is the mind of a cultural and political commentator who knows his craft."

Adds Dean:

"My copy is scattered with stars to designate times when I laughed out loud."

Dean doesn't love every word of the book, mind you -- I've had lame patches -- but he takes time to dissect it, point to my strengths, and catalog the times I was brave, amusing, and/or effective.

Thank you, GCN, for finding my work worth analyzing with such intelligence and positivity.

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Buena Suerte, can't wait to read it!

gato liso
gato liso


You are clearly very amusing. Now, down to business ...

.Put on those ruby red slippers and use your  book title  to end that  tired story / saga of Ms. Demi "D list" to Mr. .A, "F" list... No pun intended... Who cares if  he's milking her  and vice versa.. In NYC, it,s called 11 Av. and 33rd St....: Bridge and we call them..  Girl's and guys need to pay the rent...NYC takes no prisioners.

 Bon Soir.


Congratulations! I'm looking forward to reading this.


The bit about your Michael Lucas interview is hilarious. "Only top."


Congrats! Nothing but raves.