Levi Johnston and I Spent Quality Time In Times Square Last Night

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Last night's Times Square Social -- a cash-bar networking event for LGBTs, held at Dave & Buster's -- was extra surreal considering that two tables down from my book-signing perch was none other than Levi Johnston.

You know, Bristol Palin's former dancing partner, the guy who's currently competing with another anti-Palin book as he hawks his aptly named memoir, Deer in the Headlights.

This Capital New York piece by reporter Joe Pompeo vividly captures the extreme weirdness of the evening, which was sort of like a publishing version of Hollywood Squares.

(And by the way, I wound up being center square only because that spot always goes to a gay.)

(Levi is merely a gay icon. Why? Because he posed for Playgirl and he hates Sarah Palin, OK?)

The upshot:

I might not be as popular as Levi right now, but I definitely have more literary cred.

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Love the cover, great jacket design!  Why don't you do a feature on some of the golden age of Manhattan Cable stars?  Robin Byrd, Rick X of The Closet Case Show, Brandywine (what was their show called?), Mrs. Mouth?  Just a thought, love you Michael!


I wish I had heeded your advice and gone. Sounds like you needed the comfort.


Surreal doesn't even begin to describe this one!!!!