Poop On TV Today! Hot Shit!

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According to one of my loyal readers, Dr. Oz's show today was a health-concerned one on which the great and powerful Oz asked audience members to hold up their poo and pee samples for the camera like cats holding up a dead mouse.

No shit!

Fortunately, he didn't then ask them to do the wave.

Anyway, the same reader endearingly told me,

"A cute guy held up his poo sample and I got turned on.


"No," I replied, grandly. "Maybe just a little bit kinky."

But speaking of sick or not sick, the cute guy had better get that sample checked!

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Why do we believe everything all these TV Guru's tell us. Dr. Oz maybe but I was much more tuned in to his  partner Dr. Roizen who he wrote the books with.Today someone on Facebook is quoting Oprah like she is a person who could change your life. (Oprah says).Let's be serious  she can't even change her own life she is still fat.Oprah turned us onto Ayanla..a life coach who Oprah no longer speaks to today and someone else who is quite famous who's name I couldn't repeat..all 3 women reportedly had sex for money in their youth so......follow them and maybe your life wll change.


True, they're often hucksters and hypocrites but at least they occasionally get at some truths or break down some walls that manage to help people out there.


Cute guys hold up their shit all the time.


"He didn't then ask them to do the wave." LOL!!!!!