Beefcake Shots Of The Hottest Butch Number Of The 1950s

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Steve Cochran08l.jpg

Says La Daily's own Gregory Moore:

"For my dough, the hottest, butchest, tough-guy hunk in Hollywood, circa late '40s/early '50s: Steve Cochran.

"He was Mae West's discovery and longtime stud well into her 60s. (According to Mamie Van Doren, they both 'shared' him ... and according to Mamie, he had the biggest dick in Hollywood.)

"You'll see some evidence of that in the final triptych I did of 3 screencaps from a 1952 film called The Lion and the Horse (guess who he played?), in which his jean-covered crotch should have gotten co-star billing!

"Here are some other lovely pics of him ... the blonde in the 'clinch' photo is Ruth Roman."

Ruth Roman from my movie club classic The Baby? Now that's hot!

Steve Cochran-9.jpg

Steve Cochran-9k.jpg

Steve Cochran-xx_k.jpg

Steve Cochran0d9sd.jpg
With Ruthie Roman

Steve Cochran39.jpg

Steve Cochran234.jpg

Steve Cochranx90.jpg

Cochran triptych.jpg
The Lion and the (very hung) Horse

Steve Cochran.1b.jpg

Steve Cochran squatting.jpg

With Ruth Roman again

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