A Comeback For Whitney Houston?

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The wonderful thing about showbiz is that it allows for extra chapters upon chapters for those who've got what it takes, the public always managing to rally around a tarnished celeb bravely trying to rise from the ashes one more time.

Whitney Houston is aiming for just that kind of re-ascendance in Hollywood.

The pop singer had a sizzling movie career for a while, culminating with 1992's smash The Bodyguard, but then ... well, you know.

Anyway, along comes Sparkle, a remake of the 1976 Joel Schumacher-penned film about a Supremes-like girl group, complete with triumphs and tragedies.

I love the original movie's grit, the charismatic Lonette McKee performance, and the silky Curtis Mayfield score (which Aretha Franklin recorded on a "soundtrack" album featuring soulful hits like "Something He Can Feel").

And now, Whitney will star in the movie alongside Jordin Sparks as Sparkle, the part once inhabited by the "What a Feeling" gal, Irene Cara.

Whitney's role is Effie, which is generally the fat one in that other girl-group musical, Dreamgirls.

But don't worry -- in this case, it's the mother role originally played by Mary Alice.

Filming just started in Detroit, and I haven't heard of any complaints so far.

So will Whitney actually do it? Will she sparkle? Will she?

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