Cheyenne Jackson On Glee, Broadway, And Getting Checked Out At The Gym

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My new column is a lively Q&A with the multitalented Cheyenne Jackson, who tells me about his new movie, a couple of Broadway shows he was rejected from, one he had to turn down, and the status of his Glee character, who might or might not be bye-bye.

We also dabble in the serious (the impact of the recent Proposition 8 play he co-starred in a reading of) as well as the fluffy (he gets checked out at the gym a lot, but doesn't let that interrupt his serious workouts).

Cheyenne also talks about being openly gay and mentions that he recently got married to his longtime partner!

Gosh, is there anything this guy can't do?

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Loved him in Finnian's Rainbow.


"Is there anything this guy can't do?" Ask me out! He hasn't done that yet! I'm waiting, CJ.