Ellen Reveals Why She Left American Idol

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In her new book, Seriously ... I'm Kidding, Ellen DeGeneres reveals what it was like to be a judge on American Idol for a short but concentrated period of time.

First of all, she writes, "Ryan is truly a workaholic. He never stops."

Ellen jokingly adds that during commercials, Ryan runs around the audience selling Mary Kay Cosmetics.

And Simon, she cracks, is actually hairless.

But the gig simply didn't work out for her.

"My schedule got crazy," she says. "Pressure started building. Randy kept calling me 'dude.'"

The result, she says, was "funfficult."

The biggest problem, of course, was the job itself.

"I don't like judging people," writes Ellen. "I don't like hurting people's feelings."

She doesn't even like constructive criticism because it's still criticism! So she'd end up saying generic or noncommittal things that didn't exactly light up the small screen.

Nowadays, Ellen sits and watches Idol from her sofa with Portia.

And I have no critique of that at all.

Now back to my own funfficult job.

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Ryan sells or wears Mary Kay? *snare drum*


Simon is hairless!? That totally explains why he keeps that weird center-part haircut. I never understood 'til now. Thanks, Ellen! Smooches


She probably thought she cold do it but then realized it was wrong for her. I wonder if she really quit or if they let her go.


If you don't like judging people, then why take a job where you judge people?