Chow Down On Your Favorite Dead Stars' Recipes

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Come on, it won't kill you!

Sirius/XM OutQ host Frank DeCaro has laid them all out for you in his brand-new Dead Celebrity Cookbook, which is filled with all sorts of famous fricassees and stellar ceviches.

At DeCaro's book party at P.J. Clarke's last night, thrown by CBS Watch! magazine, I asked DeCaro to name the gayest recipes in the book.

He pointed out Liberace's world-famous sticky buns and said "and Wayland Flowers's muffins are way up there, as it were."

Ba dum pum.

But let's not forget "Rock Hudson's cannoli". God, was that creamy!

There was also Roddy McDowall's red cabbage. (It probably always looked younger than it really was.)

Raymond Burr's Chicken Lolo. (Double-cooked for those with a double life.)

Dick Sargent's Chinese chicken salad. (Yes, a lot of famous dead gays liked chicken, apparently.)

And let's not forget William Haines's Bachelor omelet, James Coco's stuffed eggplant, Robert Reed's beef and biscuit casserole, as it were, and so on and so on.

But wait, what's this? In the book, I spotted a recipe for Anthony Perkins's tuna salad!

Perkins was into tuna?

I guess that electroshock therapy really worked.

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Southern Dave
Southern Dave

Elizabeth Taylor loved her some Chasen's chili (made with both beef and pork, which she had flown to her all over the world), while Marilyn Monroe preferred Matteo's Veal Piccata and just about any Italian food -- a holdover from her DiMaggio days.

She tried to stay Kosher during her marriage to Arthur Miller, but Miller's mother broke up when Marilyn asked, "Isn't there any other part of the matzoh we can eat?"

A joke from that period: "Now that Marilyn Monroe is Kosher, Arthur Miller can eat her.".


"Perkins was into tuna"? Lol.


Rock Hudson's cannoli was not a fag and I'm the dame that can prove it.


Can't wait to dig into all these closety treats.