Jason Graae And I Soared on Jerry Herman Tunes Last Night

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Just like Broadway songwriter Jerry Herman himself, Jason Graae is impish, pinchably cute, deeply musical, and bursting with both optimism and wry wit.

Graae just wrapped his Perfect Hermany show at the Laurie Beechman, where the theater and cabaret performer belted Jerry's well-known diva tunes ("Before the Parade Passes By," "I Am What I Am") as well as the softer songs (like "Loving You" from the film of Mame) and chestnuts from the glorious flops Mack and Mabel and The Grand Tour.

Throughout the evening, he created a Graae garden of delight, with top-notch vocals interspersed with funny banter about his various encounters with Herman, "the well-known, married half-a-billionaire."

And I basically served as co-star.

See, when Graae sang "Hello, Dolly!" he floated through the audience while putting the mic in people's faces, making us all feel a little bit like modern day Satchmo Armstrongs.

I got to belt out one word -- "Again!"

And I was amazing.

Give me the hook or the ovation -- but preferably the ovation.

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He was terrific in Forever Plaid. And is he not the cutest thing?

Southern Dave
Southern Dave

Michael, you are sooooooo right about Jason Graae.

Graae is one of the funniest, most vocally gifted, extraordinary entertainers I have ever experienced. I have his two solo CDs and he's on lots of other re-creations of Broadway scores.

He's a one-man sensory high. Cute, too. Apart from a strategically placed top hat, he's naked on the front and back covers of his "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile."

RUSH to see him whenever and wherever you can. This guy is pure pleasure.


You definitely get the ovation, Satchmo!


I'd love to hear a man do "Before The Parade Passes By." Sounds interesting.