Kathy Griffin On Pizza With Cher And Showdowns With Abdul And Bachmann!

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Chatty Kathy Griffin just called to tell me about the time she confronted Michele Bachmann on an escalator at an official government dinner.

You'll spit out your Jamba Juice when you hear the result.

It's in this week's column, a zingy and hilarious chat with caustic Kathy, who also tells me:

*How she spent an evening in bed with Cher, ordering pizza and watching Chaz.

*How she tried to talk to Paula Abdul, who ran away -- uncharacteristic for someone who's usually so immobile.

*How she tried to party with Edie Falco.

*How I'm just faking being gay to get more assignments.

*And yes, I asked her about her good friend Anderson Cooper. You'll spit out your Jamba Juice all over again.

Anyway, Kathy's coming to NYC for a gala comedy festival, so buy your tickets now and lock up your reality stars.

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Yes, our Kathy will spill the beans, as she always does, in her live and taped performances.

She loves us, she really does. So glad to be on her good side. Mighty Musto Men March On.