"Occupy Wall Street" Exploitation Examined By Olbermann and I

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On last night's Countdown With Keith Olbermann, Keith and I chewed over the weird way TV and movie cameras have been diving onto Occupy Wall Street, from the Real World casting notice looking for activists to the alleged Dark Knight Rises flirtation with marching extras.

A movement attacking corporate greed attracts corporate greed?

We discuss the not-so-delicious irony and even decide on what Occupy Wall Street: The Musical will probably be like.

I'm working on getting video [Update: It's above.], but right now, here are some of my comments:

"The Real World is still on? I'm gonna have to protest that!"

"Anyway, they were slow on the uptake, but now everyone's jumping on the bandwagon."

"Hoarders is looking for a protester who piles up all his flyers."

"Real Housewives is casting for a rich married activist who wants to redistribute her wealth."

"But the protesters have really good agents and have said no to everything so far!"

As for the Batman thing:

"Zuccotti Park is gorgeous -- like a Hollywood backdrop. It's like Studio 54, but with a mission.

"Christopher Nolan is just bringing down the budget by using free extras in the background. And other directors will horn in on in the footage. Madonna can put them into that Wallis Simpson movie.

"But when the protesters see Christian Bale, they'll run" in terror, and that will be the end of that.

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Might we look forward to The Musto Hour on Current?  Way overdue and Keith's in charge.  The Young Turks, Governor Granville and our very own,,,


Keith has you ever wondered how rich people got rich?? They always say, "I did it on my own!" What hog wash! The middle class and poor either bought their product, bought their insurance, etc. etc. Some even inherited wealth, but then their family sold a product or gave a  service that the poor and the middle class paid money for. What is congress going to do when there is no middle class paying taxes---Oh my! they won't have any money to pay their salaries. Ooops too bad! Certainly don't help the middle class and poor, because that is the christian thing to do.Lucy


they make 60000 $ an hour like olbermann the schmarotzer


Loved when you reminded us that in the '60s, there was a whole wave of anti-authority, anti-capitalist youth movies that made a fortune for Hollywood.