Olsen Twins' Sister Getting Oscar Buzz!

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Twenty-one-year-old Elizabeth Olsen -- younger sister to those eternally cute little monkeys the Olsen twins -- started getting Oscar buzz a while ago, as my eyeballs rolled like pinballs.

What next -- a Nobel Prize for Jaleel White's cousin?

But I just saw Martha Marcy May Marlene at the New York Film Festival and was very impressed with Olsen's performance as a young lady who has been deeply damaged in a crazy sex cult and tries to find solace with her older sister (who mercifully is not named Mary-Kate or Ashley).

Olsen is very subtle and strong, and really thought out the complexities and quirks of the deeply poignant character.

At the festival yesterday, she talked a lot about her choices, including taking small bites of food at her sister and brother-in-law's house because her character had been accustomed to only eating once a day and she'd never eaten in front of a man before.


Meanwhile, isn't a Jonas Brother coming to Broadway?

Bring on the Tony Award.

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An Olsen sister can act??? Check the weather channel to see if hell's frozen over.


So it's Meryl Streep versus an Olsen sister? Interesting,