Snooki's Ode To Pickles

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You heard me.

Well, I guess she knew that "Ode on a Grecian Urn" was already written, so she stuck with what she knows.

This is from the Jersey Shore star's new book, Confessions of a Guidette:

An Ode to Pickles

Pickles are like guidos.

Some are green and sour (like after Karma),

Some are limp and mushy,

Some are salty and sweaty (ew!),

Some are cocktail size,

Some are too big and full of themselves.

A fried pickle = tan and juicy.

Husband material, legit.

Next up: Her sonnet for clams casino.

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Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone

Oh, dear oh dear. I suppose her sainted mother never sat her down and explained to her that 'fat, drunk, and stupid,' was no way to go through life. Unless of course, you're on an MTV reality show! Then it's balls out, sweetie! Wheeeee!

Bindi the jungle GURL
Bindi the jungle GURL

Rosetta Stone- very excellent analytical blurb- short and exactly to the point. Kudos!

Lost Weekend
Lost Weekend

Aw, she's just jealous that everyone wants to sucki the Situation and not the Snooki.


'skanky' ought to stick to haiku.


"Pickles are like guidos."

When she thought of that, she probably thought it was like an amazing genius moment.


This make's her novel look good!!