The Grandson Also Rises: A Photo Montage

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!Errol Flynn's grandson Luke4-1.jpg
Luke Flynn, grandson of Errol Flynn

With grandfathers as hot and charismatic as these young studlets had, it's no wonder they're quickening heartbeats (and headlines) themselves.

Thanks to Gregory Moore for the research on all these rising actors, models, and scions.

And Gregory gave me the scoop on their careers, too:

Luke Flynn models. ... Sean Flynn acts, most recently on Zoey 101. ... Clark Gable III is a struggling actor who was recently arrested for aiming a laser at a police helicopter. (Frankly, they DID give a damn.)

Ethan Peck is a regular on Gossip Girl. ... Steven R. McQueen is seen on The Vampire Diaries. ... And Tuki Brando (obviously) models.

Can't wait for their grandkids!

Sean Flynn, another grandson of Errol
!Clark Gable III-1.jpg
Clark Gable III

!Clark Gable III2.jpg
Another shot of Clark Gable III

!Ethan Peck.jpg
Ethan Peck, grandson of Gregory Peck

!Ethan Peck2.jpg
Another shot of Ethan Peck

!Steven R. McQueen1.jpg
Steven R. McQueen

!Steven R. McQueen3.jpg
Another shot of Steven R. McQueen

!Tuki Brando2.jpg
Tuki Brando

More Tuki Brando

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Definitely some hotties. They have to thank a great gene pool.


studlets lol...DID give a damn..haha....luke flynn and gregory peck are my favorites  thanks michael

Gay Movie Fan
Gay Movie Fan

Luke Flynn is the hottest man I've seen in a while, and I am not even into blonds!


I'll stick with Steven R. McQueen. Yum yum.


Ethan Peck is GORGEOUS.


I was about to mention him!  Very cute. 

Gregory Peck's grandson was on TV for a while in the Heath Ledger role in 10 Things I Hate About You.  Aside from the silly haircut he definitely looks and sounds Peck. 

I wonder what the gap between those photos of Clark Gable III is because that is like a boy to man transformation.  


Clark III is only 22 but seems to be on a pretty bad path.  He also made the news in 2009 when he was stabbed in the chest at a party in L.A.  He's stunningly handsome, but I wouldn't be surprised if  his "lifestyle" hasn't hastened his, er, "mature" appearance.  His father, John Clark Gable (only child of Clark Gable) has also been a tabloid mainstay through the years with drug battles---namely, crack---and recent photos show him looking older than Stonehenge (he's only 50).  Maybe living in such an overpowering shadow is tougher than one might think (although stupidity and self-indulgence are always possibilities as well).