Charlize Theron: "I'm A Director Slut!"

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I just came from a special screening of Young Adult, written by Diablo Cody, in which Oscar winner Charlize Theron plays a fiction writer who becomes trapped in a delusion, staking out her high school boyfriend and desperately trying to steal him away from his wife and baby.

After the movie, Charlize said that when Jason Reitman asked her to be in the film, she was thrilled.

"I'm a bit of a director slut," she said, grinning.

Chimed in Patton Oswalt, who plays an old high school friend of Charlize's:

"Does Michael Bay know that? Don't let that out!"

Chirped Charlize, "No, I'm not a slut for that kind of director."

The crowd giggled, enjoying her humor and honesty.

"See you tomorrow, New York Post," cracked Oswald.

And tonight, La Daily Musto!

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