Claymation Penises Come At You In New Movie!

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This Friday, A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas opens in theaters near you, where some rather desperate people might very well line up with their tongues out.

I hear the film has a sort of fantasy sequence in Claymation, during which Kumar's boner comes right at your face!

(Oh, did I mention that the film is in 3-D? Ouch!)

In the very same segment, Harold's noodle gets stuck to a frozen pole, in a sort of racy homage to A Christmas Story (though perhaps it's closer in spirit to something like Dumb and Dumber).

Elsewhere in the film -- ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT -- Neil Patrick Harris appears, of course, but this time he's seen with his real-life boyfriend David Burtka.

And at the climax, as it were, Neil makes a satirical revelation about his personal life, and it's ...

No, I'm not giving that away.

Besides, I haven't seen the film yet.

I'll be there Friday on my knees.

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Savannah Montgomery
Savannah Montgomery

You know I first viewed the Harold & Kumar films as "OK pass the time drivel" but I'm ashamed(?) to say they make it into that rarefied air of "so stoopid it's laugh out loud fun".

3D peenie?  Bring it.... Bart Simpson did it!


Movies are getting so classy nowadays.


I'll be there Friday too!