Daniel Radcliffe Interview! "I Hope It's The End Of Harry"!

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At yesterday's 21 luncheon promoting the DVD/Blu-ray release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, I talked to movie/theater star Daniel Radcliffe and was thrilled to find he's basically magical!

Here's how our talk went:

Me: Hi, Daniel. Let's start with your Broadway gig. Have you found new textures in your How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying role after all these months?

Daniel: Yes. I recently saw a bootleg video of our sixth preview, and I thought, "We need to leak something new out there." I was mortified. It's a lot funnier now and the interplay with John Larroquette has come along.

Me: How did you allow a bootleg to be shot? Why not turn into Patti LuPone?

Daniel: There are certain things you can do only when you're Patti LuPone. But [in Equus], Richard Griffiths would stop, turn to the audience member, and stare till the phone ended.

Me: That works. Harry Potter is ending, too! Right?

Daniel: I hope so.

Me: You hope so?

Daniel: I loved every second and we really had a great time. I think people think we were being disingenuous when we said that, but we meant it. But 10 years is a long enough time for one character.

Me: And Twilight is ending, too! Everything's ending! Well, at least there's still The Fast and the Furious.

Daniel: [Smiling.] That'll never end. It'll go on ad infinitum.

Me: By the way, I was supposed to host you at a HK gay-bar event a while ago, but it didn't happen.

Daniel: I don't know. I go day to day with what they tell me.

Me: Me, too! [Nervously covering my calendar filled with psycho minutae.]

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Southern Dave
Southern Dave

Am I the only one who thinks, "The End of Harry" sounds like a porno?

Savannah Montgomery
Savannah Montgomery

Wow...he sounds like a nice guy with his head on straight despite the Pottery-ness.  Good for him...and you both deserve an award for tact.

Caleb Hillman
Caleb Hillman

He's a doll. I swear, I think his twin came into the store Saturday looking for an antique sword. I was going to mention to guy that he looked very much like Daniel, but I figured he hears that often so I refrained. I was very curious why he wanted an antique sword, but I didn't ask that either. I wanted to say, "Are you sure it's not a wand you're looking for?"


I'm jealous too. What a cutie.


I loved him in How to Succeed and he seems like a good guy. And cute as a button! I am a little jelly that you got to interview him!