Dreamy Photo Of Me In Absolut Book

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Musto absolut.jpeg

A new book details Absolut's history as the cool, artsy vodka for the nightlife crowd, complete with devilish recipes.

And in it, there's the above photo of me looking surprisingly creamy and dreamy, maybe because even then I only drank in massive moderation.

Says the text:

"Michael Musto, the Village Voice's gossip and nightlife columnist, was the first to elevate the flamboyant people who stood out in the bars and clubs to celebrities in their own right."

Oh, no! Don't blame me!

Stephen Saban from Details and before that SoHo News was also responsible!

But don't you love the giant disco glitter ball that's surreally attached to me by association?

I should carry that with me at all times.

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You actually look fuckable in this pic. Who knew?


So what you drank back then ???? me confused?!?!?!?!

Drew xxx

Southern Dave
Southern Dave

Love the convenient frontal zipper down front!


I had an occasion open bar cocktail until the mid 90s.