Gay Marriage Is Now A Night Of Plays With Mark Consuelos!

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It was inevitable that gay marriage should come to the legit stage, so in this week's column, I talk about the result:

Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays, an evening of short works with a rotating cast including Mark Consuelos, who plays a gay whose mother is pressuring him to get married, even though he doesn't have a boyfriend!

For the column, I talked to three of the noted playwrights involved in this project -- Paul Rydnick, Doug Wright, and Neil LaBute

By the end of it, I was ready to marry all three!

Plus Mark Consuelos!

Anyway, the main issue that comes up is whether the advent of gay marriage and inclusion in general make gays a tiny bit boring.

As the Pulitzer-winning Wright told me, "There is something glamorous about a gay outlaw, even if it seems a bit retro."

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Jack E. Jett
Jack E. Jett

I learned a new word....Playlets....Sounds like a sports diaper.


You are quite the gay marriage provocateur. Thanks for this!


Consuelos is is also in the Neil LaBute playlet, detailing the tragic turn in his relationship with his new husband (Craig Bierko).  Kelly Ripa was there on opening night.

The entire cast--also including Beth Leavel, Polly Draper, and Richard Thomas--is great, and Harriet Harris goes for broke with brilliant performances in the two Rudnick playlets.