I Judged A Brazilian Reality Show About Broadway

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You want a reality show based on talent, success, and nice people wanting each other to do well?

You have to go all the way to Brazil, where a show called Broadway Dreams has young hopefuls competing by performing excerpts from classic musicals, a different tuner showcased each week.

And while one person is named the winner at the end of each segment, no one is voted off, and everyone is happy for everyone else!

You hear me, America?

It felt great to be part of such an upbeat experience as a judge on the show the other day, as a bunch of young talents did numbers from A Chorus Line for me, a knowledgeable guy named Bob (who's basically their Tim Gunn), and Donna Drake, from the original cast of A Chorus Line.

They sang in English, we judged them in English (which will be subtitled), and the host spoke in Portuguese, making for a wacky multiculti mix of people who speak the common language of Broadway.

And Drake told me one interesting fact:

I knew that before it was called "Dance 10, Looks 3," Val's song in the show was titled "Tits and Ass." (They changed it because that title gave away the key joke of the song.)

But Donna said that even before that, it was called "Fuck The Red Shoes" and had Val practically humping the stage!

I love showbiz.

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Lost Weekend
Lost Weekend

"Fuck the Red Shoes..."  Imagine the look on Goddard Lieberson during the recording of the Original Cast Album!  As if the uncensored version of "Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love" didn't give him nightmares!


But no one today would even know what The Red Shoes is. They'd think it's something you buy at Shoegasm.


"Fuck the Red Shoes"?  I've got to hear that. They should restore it when they revive the show.