My Sexual Thoughts About Neil Patrick Harris And Wanda Sykes

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Here I am at Columbia. It went really well.

They're right here in a blog written to welcome me back to my alma mater, the prestigious Columbia University!

For one hour!

See, I'm heading up there to talk to some young LGBT journalists, and I'm all set to tell them to be extremely brave since the industry they want to enter has crumbled even worse than my jawline.

But I'll divert them with all sorts of anecdotes and ephemera.

And with this interview!

In order to trumpet my pilgrimage back to Morningside Heights, the zippy Q&A manages to dig into my wide range of libidinal feelings for luminaries like Neil Patrick Harris, Christian Slater, and Wanda Sykes.

But guess what two of the other main points of interest included about me happen to be?

*The notion that I allegedly coined the word "celebutard."

*And the fact that I was in that "(Hey Now) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" video for five seconds!

I have to change that freakin' Wikipedia page!


Bottom photo by Ted Regencia

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