Robin Byrd, The T-Shirt!

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It's the classic one, the one you banged your box to, the one you snuggled up with your loved one in.

And it's back!

The Robin Byrd T-shirt is on sale at TAGG, a fashionable rebirth that was celebrated last night with the cable queen signing T-shirts of all sizes for people of all genders.

And all of us revelers in attendance knew that even if we don't have loved ones, we always have our Robin Byrd T-shirt.

So brush your teeth, get your condom out, put on the T-shirt, and bang somebody's box.

If you have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about, you have never been a New Yorker of any consciousness for the last [fill in the blank] years and you are not human!

Everyone else, just get the T-shirt!

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She should write a book (is it true she's a teen runaway?), her parties at The Adonis theater in the 90s rocked, and love seeing her in The Pines with her porn pals. 


I grew up on her show as a kid, always remember her putting her lipgloss on,, love her


I have no idea what you're talking about, but I still want the T shirt.