Two Pieces Have I! My Favorite Bar Duplicates Itself!

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The long-standing Village gay bar Pieces recently secured a new location in Hell's Kitchen when their lease started running out.

But as if out of a gay nightlife version of It's a Wonderful Life, there will now be two Pieces.

I'm seeing double, and I'm not even drunk.

You see, all the amazing meetings and rallies to show support for the bar and help it get approval for its new HK location apparently touched the Village place's landlord.

The outpouring of support moved them, so they postponed the Village building's renovation for a while and will keep Pieces in place.

In fact, they offered a multi-year renewal!

The rent is up, no surprise, but still, owner Eric Einstein is ready to lead a couple of Pieces into the nights of our lives.

Next year's uptown Pieces will still have its downtown cousin, as if in a happy-hour version of The Parent Trap.

And after that, this thing will surely turn into a Chipotle-type chain restaurant!

I hope!

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Tampon Tammy
Tampon Tammy

I'm so glad!!  I started my period at Pieces many, many years ago!!  I bled all over a bar stool.


I love a happy ending--except for the rent increase.


I'd rather it be a Chipotles than another Starbucks.