Christmas Songs With Dirty Lyrics!

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The Kinsey Sicks is the San Francisco-based drag troupe that specializes in spoofy tunes that add twisty, sometimes unclean thoughts to your most beloved traditional works of music.

In this lively clip, "America's favorite dragapella beautyshop quartet" zigzags through a bunch of Christmas standards while giving them some contemporary pop and draggedy-assed zing.

Thrill to:

"I'm dreaming of a Betty White Christmas"

"Eva Long-o-o-o-oria" (to the tune of "Gloria In Excelsis Deo")

"Oh come ye unfaithful ... just not on my face"

And of course there's this beautiful and solemn ditty:

"Fellating My Dog" (to the festive tune of "Feliz Navidad")

Or maybe you'd like to just stick with the reindeer.

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Notyah Nalla
Notyah Nalla

I would have preferred "fellate the mailman", but to each their own.


To me, Xmas songs are ALREADY dirty.


For years I've been thinking of ways to make "O Come All Ye Faithful" dirty and funny. Glad they found the way.


Years ago, I got roped into singing as part of a "strolling quartet" of carolers in Los Angeles.   It was at the Beverly Center (large shopping mall near Beverly Hills) and we might as well have been part of the wall, since the acoustics were awful and no one could really hear us.  So we took the opportunity to slip obscenities into the carols, much to our own (if not anyone else's) glee.  For instance whenever the word "misteltoe" came up, we'd substitute "cameltoe" ("Please have snow, and cameltoe, and presents by the tree"....."With a kiss beneath the cameltoe," etc.) .  We also substituted "cameltoe" for "Let it Snow" ("...but as long as you love me so, CAMELTOE, CAMELTOE, CAMELTOE").  That was some good holiday fun!