Favorite Plus-Sized Female Singer Of All Time?

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Some of these ladies aren't still plus-sized -- and a bunch of them aren't even alive -- but whatever the case, they have all been through plump periods of the soul. And their apparent lack of vomiting skills always gave them a refreshing heft, big lungs, and an ability to transcend their potential outcast status and become sexy mamas of song.

My faves:

ALISON MOYET, from Yaz. She always knew her way vocally around any "situation."

ELLA FITZGERALD could scat, swing, and vamp with the best of them. And that's no brisket, I mean tisket.

MAMA CASS ELLIOT didn't wear this poncho, it wore HER. She's my personal fave -- a velvet-throated delight and all-around style icon and trendsetter.

ARETHA FRANKLIN. Sitting on so many buses made her rump grow, but her talent never waned. 'Re has long earned our 'Respect.

God bless America -- and let's all bless KATE SMITH.

Long before Elvis, BIG MAMA THORNTON made a three-course meal out of her "Hound Dog."

HELEN TERRY made a BIG contribution to Culture Club with all those wonderfully scatty asides.

BETH DITTO loves her rock and rolls.

ADELE. Always chasing pastries. Love her.

And of course there's Ethel Waters, Carnie Wilson, Missy Misdemeanor Elliot, Martha Wash, and tons more.

Dig in.

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