My "Year In Review": NYC Became Fun City Again!

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In my breathlessly enchanting cover story looking back at 2011, I decide that New York became "Fun City" again thanks to the double-dipping economic crisis that had everyone taking the stick out of their asses and riding it to the streets for protest marches, bonding experiences, and general camaraderie.

I also look at the larger political picture and give my provocatively readable thoughts on:

*The death of Osama bin Laden, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," and Amy Winehouse;

*The ill-advised sexual antics of Anthony Weiner, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and basically anyone else who had lots to flaunt and even more to lose;

*And the unique cultural contributions made by the year's biggest grovelers (Charlie Sheen), game-changers (Chaz Bono), and blissfully offensive sing-alongs (The Book of Mormon).

I'm telling you, it was all very challenging and at times even traumatizing, but it was definitely lots of fun!

Just like my piece!

I mean my article!

And there are also Chad Griffith photos of me as Donald Trump, John Galliano, Michele Bachmann, Kim Kardashian, Charlie Sheen, and an Occupy Wall Street protester.

I've included a sampling to make you cuckoo-crazy in anticipation.



The cover

And here's the Gawker write-up saying Kim Kardashian has never looked so good.

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You got linked on towleroad too. This thing is everywhere! People seem to favor the Trump shot.


Wondered for a split-second then decided that, yes, Southern Dave's right. You should be appointed Official Year-End Summarizer of the Voice. No, of New York City! (We should really say "of Western Civilization" but that goes without saying.)


Thanks, Davey. We had fun putting this one together. And my bike is the best limo a boy could ask for!

Southern Dave
Southern Dave

This is the best End-of-the-Year story I have read anywhere, for any year.

The photos are "cherce," as Spence said of Kate. Many moments of "Laugh-Out-Loud" funny. And all too, too true and fantastically Fabu.

You are just stellar, feller.

So when's the Voice gonna give you "one perfect limousine, do you suppose?" for your gallivanting?


My favorite shots of you

(1) Bachman

(2) Trump

(3) Galliano

But they're all spot on!!!


This is all so amazing I am overwhelmed.