My Resolutions For The New Year

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This year, they're pretty easy to figure:

*To watch more TV.

It'll be good for conversing at parties, where I usually go as blank as a runway model upon any mention of Tough Love or Breaking Bad.

*To stop hating on people because they exhibit the same exact flaws I have.

Instead of saying "She's such a press whore!" I should pause to look inside myself and try to understand what makes them so hideously needy.

*To drop grudges, especially ones from a quarter-century ago.

They're a waste of time and energy and they only serve to empower your offender. I don't want to act above it -- I want to be above it.

*To stop dishing Ryan Seacrest, the Kardashians, and Donald Trump.

Too easy -- and enough already.

*To stop fearing alone time.

I've actually made big steps in that direction and now treasure my moments spent solo, especially when I'm at the computer, sharing my thoughts with you, oh LDM-ers.

Happy N Y!

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Southern Dave
Southern Dave

Keep doing what you do better than anyone else (insert inappropriate activity here) and we'll all be happy.


These resolutions sound very smart and self aware. Try to keep them!

Savannah Montgomery
Savannah Montgomery

A nice doable list...but keep the bank grudge...not a waste of time or energy.


Please keep your resolution regarding the Kardashians, Trump and Seacrest.