Tweets Are Way Too Long, Actually!

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When Twitter came along, with its 140-character-maximum rule, everyone thought this was the height of absurdity, forcing the masses to cram their thoughts into bite-sized morsels for the attention-deficit crowd.

I mean, I've already topped 140 characters with that last sentence!

But still, everyone managed, eventually getting used to the quick emissions of undeveloped ideas. "I made carrot ginger soup today and it came out good"; "Hitler was a terrible person. Ever realize that? No, I mean really terrible."

But time has passed and the culture's gotten even faster, amazingly enough.

The truth is, now I can barely get through people's two sentences! They seem verbose!

I think tweets need to be even shorter.

To accommodate today's quick-fix mania, they should weigh in at a 20-character max!

I have some great examples just waiting for dissemination:



"Ding Dongs"

"Bathroom again."

"Number 2"

"Help! Scared!"

"Harder. Harder."


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Peter Voth
Peter Voth

I have never used Twitter, and I never will.


You could've written a shorter article.


Now there is a dude that clearly knows what the deal is.www.Total-Privacy dot US

Michael Khalsa
Michael Khalsa

Brilliant. Fabulous

You know what's worse after doing twitter having to listen to people who don't use it.Thankyou twitter I now have the attention span of a goldfish.

Moving on.


How about just ONE character?





Yes! (How's that for succinct?)