Blair Witch Star Tells Me Why She Left Movies To Grow Pot!

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This week's column is a stimulating conversation with Heather Donahue, who rose to fame as the female lead of the classic young-people-in-danger jiggy-camera epic The Blair Witch Project.

But she ended up turning to drugs!

Tired of the way her acting career had developed, Heather thumbed her nose at showbiz and started growing marijuana in California!

Relax, it was medical marijuana, but still, I managed to ask Heather if:

*She got high from the fumes

*She missed being a movie star

*She has any left over.

Heather's new book about all this is called Growgirl, and you're definitely going to want to snuggle up with a soothing cigarette -- just tobacco, mind you -- and read it.

Especially when you find out that at one point in her grower experience, she had a dizzying conversation with her vagina, then fell out of the car, only to come across someone who ...

Well, read the column. It's the safest high of the week so far.

And you can even help Heather and I cast the voice of her privates in the inevitable animated film version.

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Cannabis Seeds
Cannabis Seeds

Great story and an open minded and interesting interview. Nice to see this kind of approach when it comes to covering cannabis related topics


Love the idea of Kristen Chenoweth doing the voice in the film version!!! Would she go for it? Isn't she a Mormon?


Fun stuff. Loved it. You do the best interviews.