H&M Swears They Didn't Steal Artist's Work!

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Tori LaConsay painted an uplifting sign to cheer up her fellow East Atlanta Village residents on their way to work.

In black stick lettering against a white backdrop, it says, "You Look Nice Today." It's accompanied by a simple red heart looming right below the saying.

Next thing you know, Tori is being told by friends that H&M UK has used that same motif for pillowcases, guest towels, doormats, and all kinds of stuff.

Directly below is the doormat. I must say the similarity is unbelievably eerie! If you ask me, they're using Tori as a doormat!


When confronted, H&M assured Tori that the design was not influenced by her work and no copyright laws have been infringed, blah blah.

And on Facebook, here's their official statement:


Hmm. They definitely need to apologize for spelling apologize "apologies."

And for taking the period out of "You Look Nice Today."

And that's just for starters.

H&M doesn't look nice today.

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