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The intriguingly named Kymara Lacrimosa threw 13 questions my way, and I flung them right back, with answers.

The result is titillatingly entertaining and not at all unlucky!

And get a load of the introduction she wrote for me!

"Mr Michael Musto is the legendary author ...

"During one of our festivities at the infamous Chelsea Hotel, several audience members clamored around us, gushing a panicked 'He's here, he's here.'

"A frightened silence fell over the room.

"Since we had never met this legend, we were in a bit of a tizzy.

"However, [after] a proper introduction, we discovered one of the most pleasant and unassuming people we have ever met on our journeys ...

"One of New York City's most celebrated figures."

Wowsa! I love the idea of a frightened silence falling over the room when I enter.

Let's have that every single time, please, people.

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Southern Dave
Southern Dave

Sounds like you're back up to speed -- or taking it.

And what a cooooool photo!


Word, girl!

Kymara Lacrimosa
Kymara Lacrimosa

The Blog will be live again very soon. The site can be a bit..quirky.


The interview was up, then it was briefly taken down to make one tiny correction. it will be back up again pronto.