The Best Comebacks In Showbiz History

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They were washed up, kaput, as ovah as the macarena!

And then they rose up from the ashes of disdain and said, "Ha!'

And we applauded like madmen.

The best comebacks ever are:

In 2004, Teri Hatcher moved into Shady Pines, I mean Wisteria Lane, and everything bloomed again. After all, Lois & Clark had stopped flying a whole seven years earlier.

Ingrid Bergman in Anastasia, 1956. Hollywood not only forgave her for being a tramp and a hussy, they gave her an Oscar!

In 1984, Tina Turner truly came into her own with her Private Dancer album, the work of a sizzling survivor. Her growl, her strut, and the dead Pomeranian on her head were all all magical.

Frank Sinatra From here to eternity.png
Frank Sinatra as Maggio in From Here to Eternity, 1953. Before this, he was so passé he could have sung "My Way" already, but his performance got him an Oscar, more quality film roles, a renewed musical career, and a chance to botch the lyrics of "New York, New York."

Joan Collins was a faded B-movie siren who suddenly became a superstar in 1981 on Dynasty. Bitchy hauteur was rarely so glamly gorgeous. As she swiveled her pads, it seemed as if Joan had been with us forever.

Nobody nailed the art of the comeback like this guy. Hallelujah.

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