Don't Cry For Amy Winehouse!

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Yes, her death was way premature and truly awful, but the time she spent on earth wasn't all tragic.

So says the venerable Tony Bennett, who is Grammy-nominated for "Body and Soul," the duet he did with the big-haired, -lunged, and -nerved chanteuse.

Tony tells Parade magazine:

"She was a very genuine singer.

"She wanted to hit the top.

"I met her mom after she died and her mother said, 'A lot of people feel tragic about what happened, but I know that it was her dream to become very successful and it actually happened.'

"Even though she had a short life, she actually attained what she had dreamed about and wanted to do."

I'd rather have a long life and attain my dreams -- which I have -- but I guess it's time for us to look at the positive side of what Ames represented and achieved.

I bet she gets the Grammy!

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