Gloria Estefan Loves Drag Queens! Exclusive Interview

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She's featuring them in her new video!

But first some background:

The Cuban-born, Miami-raised "queen of Latin pop" is coming to mix with the gays this Friday night at the F*Word bash at Splash (50 West 17th Street).

And she'll have a lot to talk about with them.

She's set to do several appearances on Glee as Santana's mother.

And her no. 1 dance hit "Hotel Nacional" has a Kenny Ortega-directed video featuring references to Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Birdcage, Cabaret, and Some Like It Hot.

Can it get any more dragtastic?

Here's the chat I had with Gloria yesterday.

Hi, Gloria. The gays love you.

Gloria: They've been there for me every step of the way. Ahead of the way, actually.

So you'll premiere your video at Splash. Are you Frank-N-Furter?

Gloria: No. I'm more like Glosferatu -- that's what I call my character. It's a different take on Frank-N-Furter.

And there are drag queens in it?

Gloria: Oh, hell, yeah.

Maybe you're really a gay man?

Gloria: [Laughs.] Probably. I have to turn into a drag-queen version of myself to get onstage. The makeup, the heels, the whole shebang. We made a little cult film about these cult films because "Hotel Nacional" is such a fancy song and I love those movies. They're great movies -- cult films -- and they've broken the mold, not just because of the drag but because they're really good. There's always room for a drag queen!

Except in the Barracuda dressing room. Tell me about the album this comes off of -- Miss Little Havana, co-produced by Pharrell Williams, with help from your husband, Emilio, and yourself.

Gloria: It's a celebration of dance, starting back with disco and freestyle. It's a very sexy record. There's one song that divides the Pharrell Williams section from the Emilio section. By the end, I realized -- because guys don't listen to lyrics -- there's a definite story line here, so I told Pharrell. I put the order of the songs to make that come through even better.

Speaking of story lines, will your Glee appearances involve both acting and singing?

Gloria: Hopefully. It's all about music. It would be a shame to be on there and not sing. Ryan Murphy is really excited about at least a two-show arc minimum, maybe more. I'm a big fan of his work -- Nip/Tuck, American Horror Story. Glee not only brought back the music, but it introduced a whole new audience to great music from years back.

You're really going to be a gay icon after that!

[She laughs.]

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Jessica J.
Jessica J.

Make sure to catch Gloria Estefan on Monday's Big Morning Buzz Live, only on VH1!

Jason Tjan
Jason Tjan

The one and only queen of latin pop to me! ;) And yessssss, the video is so campy and a real honor to the gay comunity!!!!!!! You have to love her only for that!!!!!!!!


Gloria Estefen will be at Splash?? This is major. XL will be empty that night.


I love "Glosferatu"... Clearly a vampire version of herself...

Savannah Montgomery
Savannah Montgomery

Gawd, I played the "grooves" off her "Mi Tierra" was sooo romantic and sultry.


OK, I always knew I loved her but after this interview I worship her!


"I have to turn into a drag queen version of myself.." Love that!!!