I'm Playing Susan Lucci In Awards Show Spoof!

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Well, I'm Italian! (And she's half.)

It's part of You Like Me!, a wacky revue in which an assortment of wonderfully offbeat performers re-enact classic acceptance speeches in all their weepy glory.

Last time around, I did Julie Andrews turning down her Tony nomination for Victor/Victoria because that musical was otherwise dissed and she wanted to "stand with the egregiously overlooked."

This time, the show is on Oscar eve -- Saturday February 25, at 8 p.m. at Ars Nova (511 West 54th Street) -- but I'm doing a speech by a TV star just to be kooky and different.

It's the one Lucci gave when she finally won the Daytime Emmy on her 19th try.

And after all that wait time, she was as full of gratitude as All My Children is full of plot twists!

She thanked "each and every one of you in this room," plus her parents, her teachers, her casting director, her co-stars, Agnes Nixon, her kids, her husband, and her fans.

And at one point Lucci looked to the side of the stage, noticed a happy lady cheering her on and responded, "Oh, Oprah!"

Anyway, you'll be grateful you came and saw me do this.


Because Mariah Carey and Meryl Streep are also represented!


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Greg May
Greg May

GREG MAY of Orlando, FL says:  "I found my interview with la Lucci from 1981 when she appeared on my TV show, 'Central Florida Spotlight'.  Susan and other soap stars from ABC came to Orlando to appear for Joyce Becker's Soap Opera Festival at the now-defunct theme park, 'Circus World.'  The night of the reception where I interviewed her and 'Ryan's Hope' star John Gabriel, I also met her husband, Helmunt.  He is nearly seven feet tall and Lucci is only five feet tall.  Now, the tape in which the interviews were recorded has been stored in my garage for twenty years.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that it's not damaged because I want to upload it to YouTube."


You were great as Julie Andrews!!! Scott Wittman was in the crowd and seemed to love it. Looking forward to your La Lucci.


There is no way I would miss this (and I don't even watch the Oscars).