It's Adele vs. Gaga At The Grammys Sunday

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And that's good because it'll take some of the heat off Gaga vs. Madonna.

But who do you think will win the Grammy for Album of the Year?

The nominees:

21, Adele

Wasting Light, Foo Fighters

Born This Way, Lady Gaga

Doo-Wops & Hooligans, Bruno Mars

or Loud, Rihanna

The category usually skews heavier and older, but this time they went young and female, leaving no fewer than three pop divas to battle it out in the mud pit.

They might end up canceling each other out.

But I doubt Rihanna will get that many votes, and Gaga's album was considered not as commercial a wow as expected. (Besides, there's that "reductive" problem.)

So that pretty much leaves Adele, who floored critics and buyers alike, and who is coming in after a vocal-cord issue that derailed her tour, so sympathy is on her side as well as all-around good feelings.

Bruno Mars will give her some serious competition -- he'd catch a grenade for you -- but I'm predicting Adele for the top prize and so is everyone else on earth.


And if Lady Gaga shows up dressed as a giant piece of cheese, will she be attacked by rats?

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Adele, there is rumour that madonna will duet with katy perry on grammys, lets hope its not true. :(


I agree that Adele will probably win. I was listening to her on tv the other night - just her and a guy with a guitar. I have to say it was awful - I don't know that much about singing so it's hard to explain. Sort of like she just has the one thing she does with her voice, loud and flat and tuneless, and when she's doing it over and over without studio production, I couldn't stand it for long.


well! if it´s according to sales then is going to be. plus, anything british americans are suckers for.not a fan but hoping lady gaga for her non-conservatism. plus, she´s american. rihanna. america would die! fooey fighters and bruno mars! hope not.


I actually think Foo Fighters have a chance. Don't they always give this to males?


"Usually skews heavier.." Thanks for  not putting a joke there.