James Deen: The First Straight Male Porn Star?

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James Deen is no relation to Paula Deen, though he does do amazing things with cream sauce.

At 26, he's emerged as a top porn star in the hetero adult-film world, which is rare, since the industry usually emphasizes busty women over sizzling men.

And here's what The Gay and Lesbian Review has to say about that:

"There has never been a male porn star in the heterosexual world, for the simple reason that men buy the vast majority of pornography, and straight men tend to notice the women on the screen.

"But that was before James Deen came along.

"Sure, there have been straight actors with exceptional dimensions (John Holmes) or capabilities (Peter North), but Deen is a bonafide heartthrob -- and he's selling DVD's by the truckload.

"This had led some people to conclude that women are at long last consuming more porn, because we all know that straight men don't want to see a dream boy onscreen, just a seviceable guy that they can relate to (not too thin!) getting it on with a beautiful babe."

But while the publication concedes that Deen does have a large female following, they feel that straight men must also be buying his movies in droves.

And they conclude by telling those dudes:

"It's okay to be attracted to another guy, especially one who's this adorable.

"It doesn't mean you're gay. ... Well, maybe a little."

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