Jean Dujardin Told Me About His Butt Fingering Scene

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Before The Artist, Oscar winner Jean Dujardin garnered a lot of hoopla in France for playing a bumbling spy in several OSS 17 movie comedies spoofing the 007 legend.

At a French film luncheon in NYC in 2010, I interviewed Dujardin -- through a translator -- about the second movie in the series, in which the hapless spy gets butt-fingered by a hippie without even realizing it.

"It was a good memory," Dujardin said to me, laughing.

We talked about other things related to that film and then he said:

"To go back to the finger in the ass ..."

(OK, that cemented my total adoration of this man.)

"... There was a real will to damage the image of the secret agent, the James Bond image.

"So you can imagine what the third film will be like!"

"A whole fist?" I said, miming the act, and he generously laughed again.

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Thanks for saving this for after the Oscars or he might not have won.


Ooh I'd like to do that to him!