Old Movie Stars On Their Bikes!

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Gary Cooper001 (1)-1.jpg
Gary Cooper in Today We Live. Photo: Hollywood Rides a Bike (Angel City Press)

Way before I parked my butt on a two-wheeler, Hollywood biggies loved to do the same, whether in movies, for publicity, or just for fun.

The following images are from the new book Hollywood Rides a Bike: Cycling With the Stars by film writer Steven Rea.

Don't start screaming about which cycling celebs are "left out." These are the images he sent me from the book, case closed.

And if you can't get your ass in gear with that, then get on your bikes, you pert little pixies. Or just do your own book!

Laraine Day.jpg
Laraine Day. Photo: Hollywood Rides a Bike (Angel City Press)

Fred Allen001.jpg
Fred Allen in The Installment Collector. Photo: Hollywood Rides a Bike (Angel City Press)

Susan Peters001 copy.jpg
Susan Peters, Oscar nominated for Random Harvest. Photo: Howie Cohen's Everything Bicycles/Hollywood Rides a Bike

Doris Day and Widmark001.jpg
Here's a movie star OFF a bike: Doris Day, with Richard Widmark, Tunnel of Love. Photo: Hollywood Rides a Bike (Angel City Press). Oh, Dodo!

Guess who? Get out her way!!!

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