Pick Your Favorite Twink!

Categories: Music

You have several to choose from, all LES and East Village-y types filled with various levels of cuteness and disaffection.

This happens to be the video for "The Gerry Party" from Gerry Visco's new band, Gerry & the Twinks.

Says pink-haired, blue-eyebrowed scene regular Visco, "It's a short video cast with a band of adorable twinks. (I'm expanding the definition to include girls, other races and body types, and then ME. It's about being young, fun, adorable, and full of pep.)

"Most people in this world resign themselves to dull, colorless lives at drone jobs and bemoan how 'tired' they are when in reality they are depressed.

"Well, Gerry & the Twinks are here to change all that! We want to bring joy, color, dancing, singing, and partying to the world."

Terrif -- but anyway, my favorite is the one with the nose ring, the jewels, the fur, and the darting tongue.

Any arguments?

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